Day Of Writing Commences! Dun-dun-DUNNNN

Hello everyone!

My Day of Writing commences (after walking the dogs, showering, being woken up too early because my folks’ dogs are on my folks’ schedule, which does NOT involve staying up past midnight, oops…).

My Prompt Call is open here – – and I’m hoping for many more prompts!

Written yesterday:

Unplumbed Depths – Fishing in Minecraft can get you some strange results.  This fictional view of the fishing strips out a lot of the blockier elements but does leave a fishing pole with, perhaps, a little too much Luck enchanted into it.

…A Break…? – Jess works security at The Facility, a place where science which nobody calls mad (in the hearing of the scientists) is perpetrated.  It’s a really good job.  But sometimes, your friend up in the top end of things asks for a favor…


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