ONE MORE Live-Writing Poll

And the Link

Basically: After Sunday’s Live-Writing Day, I still have a large chunk of this novella to write!

I’d like to do a series of shorter streams – 1 or two hours – over January (And possibly the end of December) to get it finished up.

Tell me when would be best for you to show up, please!

5 thoughts on “ONE MORE Live-Writing Poll

  1. Media choices question! Having looked briefly at the twitch stream (so perhaps I missed all the good bits), I’m not sure why one would want to follow the twitch stream rather than the google doc. What am I missing?

    • There was some discussion about where the story should go next in Twitch chat.

      And towards the end, when everyone was tired, there was a lively conversation about anime. (Whether that’s a plus or a minus is dependent on personal preference.)

      • Many of my “what should I name this person” questions and showed up in the Twitch chat; that’s how both our protagonists got named.

        • For me:
          People are more active and more chatty on Twitch.
          It pulls in people who would not click on a google doc.
          It pulls in strangers.

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