Annual New Year’s Eve Prompt Call!


As I have done for several New Year’s Eves, I’m opening up a small prompt call (As this is past midnight now for many of my friends, I’ll keep this open for 24 hours).

The theme for this prompt call is

Signs, Portents, & Harbingers

Prompt away!

All may prompt & I will try to write to at least one prompt for everyone (between Now and Monday, because there’s a slight migraineyness happening…)

Please see my Prompting Policies if you have any questions.

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10 thoughts on “Annual New Year’s Eve Prompt Call!

  1. Interpreting migraine auras. (Hope yours passes soon!)

    Aunt Family: Consider your question when picking your medium. Tea, cocoa, cards, fire, …?

    Re-interpreting a prophesy.

    A gambler’s lucky dice aren’t ones they’d ever use in a game.

    Aud reading tea leaves.

      • <bounces> Which? Where? >grabby hands<

        It’s an inviting meta-topic that works with a bunch of your ‘verses and all sorts of tropes and images. (Ideas are easy, implementation is hard. Fling ideas and see if someone else runs with them! Wheeee!)

  2. A magpie or other wild animal that cannot speak trying to get a message across to humans.

    A new tarot card appearingin the deck during a reading.

    Negative-feeling dreams predicting a positive event, or the other way around.

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