Apocalypse Bingo!

I’m hosting Apocalypse Bingo over on Dreamwidth!

I’m trying something new – this bingo card has ==challenges== to it!  You can be going straight ahead and suddenly turn left!

I will takes prompts/suggestions on any of these that aren’t ==challenges==.  Since I’m hosting, I’m going to try to get a bingo and I’m going to try to take a route that leads me few at least a few challenges.

Come play along!  AllBingo is very friendly and easy to play along to! Continue reading

The Great Landing Page Project Begins!

I am moving all my landing pages to a mostly-self-updating format on WordPress!

This is slightly more work than it sounds like, if I don’t want just lists of 1000 stories in no order. 🙂

And this would not be possible without the work Inspector Caracal is doing in sorting out all my tags and categories!

I have, between yesterday and today, updated/made anew the following pages:

150 words of the story/world of your choice for anyone who finds a story or worldbuilding post that has been posted in one of those worlds on Dreamwidth but did not make it to these lists.

(Because I’m lazy, that’s why 😉  Continue reading

Live Writing Today!

#Livewriting Day begins now! My #novel-in-progress. Find out why, exactly, Eva’s desk is in fire. (I hope you know, ‘cause I don’t)
Prompt Call! From the call, you can leave me a #prompt on the theme of “what if?” (This is gonna be fun)

I’m aiming for 12 hours of #writing with at least 3 breaks, so I’m going to be at this all day.

The idea in long form:  I will write. That’s pretty much it.  I’m going to write all day, or as long as I can stand, and see if getting feedback as I go is as entertaining as I hope it will be.

Stop in, leave a comment, wave to me, ask me what’s going on, in general, talk to me.  Leave prompts!   I won’t be posting anything to this blog until later, if at all (unless I get a volunteer) so right now engaging directly by looking at the docs is the only way to read what I write today!

Cheers, and I hope this is fun all around.

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Merry Christmas!

Hello to all and a Merry/Happy Christmas!

Today I’m spending the day at home – except possibly sushi in the evening – and I’m writing!


I will write a short Christmas vignette in any setting of mine you’d like to see (or appropriate winter holiday) or to a (winter-holiday-themed) prompt of your choosing.

(If this floods me, I may end up writing these over the next week~ )

(Including during the Wednesday Write-a-thon)

Autumn at Christmas?  Winter Holidays in Reiassan, Tír na Cali, Vas’ World? Sure!  Space Mom Christmas?  I’ll manage something! Continue reading

About the New Patreon Fee Announcement: Options, Questions

 crossposted from Patreon.

So, Patreon has, over the last couple days, released first an announcement and then a clarification about its fee structure.  (here: )
What this means for patrons is a $0.35 + 2.9% fee added on to every pledge
I have been considering my options while flailing about with every other creator who thinks this is a horrible, awful, very bad idea. 
So far, I have come up with broadly three plans:
* try one of the Patreon “alternatives:” Gumroad, librepay, the Kickstarter one that isn’t out yet. (main problems: Librepay does not allow paywalled projects, which I like, and its format isn’t as robust, from quick looks.  Kickstarter isn’t out yet.  Gumroad has slightly higher fees, so that’s out, unless I misread their fee schedule)
* Start a newsletter I send out 2? times a month to subscribers.  Major problems with that: what do I do about different donation tiers?  And I really like the constant feedback and regular posting schedule of doing things every week). 
* Replicate Patreon in subscriber-locked posts, either on my wordpress blog or on a subdomain blog just for that.  (Main problems: the upkeep.  I might have to rely on people to tell me if their donation has expired). 
I really enjoy the format here at Patreon, although there are many options I would like that don’t exist yet (archiving, for one!).  I like being motivated to post every week, I like looking through reposts, and I like the stretch of things like the maps.  (*guilty glance at the map tag*). 
But I don’t think anyone needs to pay that sort of fee, when the whole idea was to encourage microtransactions. 

That’s not as important, however, as what you think, so please tell me: what do you think about my options?

Loose Ends Everywhere…

In spending November picking up loose ends, I seem to have dropped all those other skeins…

What, of my long-running projects, are you most interested in seeing me continue (up to, say, 10 suggestions)?

Slave, Auction, House, Surprise

(With no auction and no house, oops)

Wyste prompted me:

a slave auction house, a surprise.

and I’m going to blame the part where I’m sick* for the part where I missed like the auction and really the house. 

* I’m not really sick.  I’m having a predictable adverse reaction to a medication that will be over by tomorrow morning.  But I feel sick.  Peh. 


Arie had been trudging for days.  His feet were bleeding, he was fairly sure, and his shoulders and neck were sunburnt.  

The raiders had caught five of them in a trap that he felt stupid just thinking about, the sort of ridiculous thing that Wile E. Coyote would have turned his nose up at, but they’d been tired, they’d just finished fighting off something Arie was pretty sure was a wyvern, and- Continue reading

Desert, Bus, Neverending

I’m not feeling great but I wanted to beat some monsters in 4thwords so I asked for some prompts on Mastodon. 

@DialMforMara prompted

Write about a desert. Or a bus. Or both.

which led me to finally look up desert bus.  I’m not sure about this ficlet, but it’s something, all right.


Kim had no idea how long they’d been going.

There was nothing on any side of them but sand and the miserable wrecks of former towns, nothing in front of them but the same.

Behind them – behind them there was something.  They had managed to stop for ten minutes once, twenty the time they found a gas station still selling anything, and otherwise they stopped only long enough to dump another can of gas in the bus.

Even that was too much.  When they stopped, they could look behind them and the road was clear.  When they filled the gas tank, or the time they stopped and siphoned gas from a wrecked tractor-trailer, stealing loaves of bread and jam from its broken crates, they always had this minute, two minutes of thinking maybe we’re safe.

Maybe they’d imagined it.  Maybe they were running from nothing.  Maybe they could stop, could rest, could relax.

Then it would be there on the horizon, the thing with too many arms and too many legs and far, far too many eyes, the thing that sounded like a swarm of bugs and a death metal concert and, when it got too close, broke glass and shattered eardrums and, if you let it get far, far too close, made one blind.

Then they piled back in the bus and started driving again, pedal to the metal, faster than any poor old school bus ought to go.

Kim drove, Heidi drove. Omar drove.  Everett and Grace drove. Marcia couldn’t drive any more and they weren’t going to let Gerald drive, but Gerald would watch out the back window for hours, and Marcia…

They were pretty sure Marcia knew they were there, so they kept her comfortable.  She started to get restless before any of them saw or heard the thing coming, too, her and Gerald, so they were like canaries, even if Kim thought it was awful to think of them that way.

It was her turn to rest, so she curled up on a seat the best she could, wrapped a crappy gas-station football blanket around herself, and tried to rest.  They’d still be driving when she woke.  She was pretty sure they were never going to leave the desert.  They’d still be driving, or they’d be like Marcia and Gerald, or like John and Brittany, who they’d lost.

Even then, she was pretty sure, death or hell or nothingness would still feel like driving through the desert, forever, in an old school bus.