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A Digression to figure out a word in Calenyen – Written for Patreon

Three conlang words: kaler, pailizdanon, and dieddetpaiz, with conScript "translation."

All right, today we’re figuring out the word for Diplomat, the title for many people to graduate Estiessyaa house.

Let’s see, the English etymology of the word… is one of those weird ones, where state papers come from the Greek word for folded paper.

I’m thinking blunted-spear is the word for diplomacy.

And it looks like I have:

paiterz, snow-spears, with the quote “The Cālenyena call almost everything long and pointy a spear. When all you have is a hammer, etc.”

The Arran/West coast word for spear-leaf: adavijamin (Spear-blade is adavi in that language) Continue reading

Edally Story 2 – Just Good Enough

Chapter 6-11, Book One: Saydrie

The monitor had come down from somewhere in the north, escorted by two soldiers and walking as if she thought that the ground in the enclave would stick to her and ruin her boots.

The biggest building in the enclave was the Temple of the Three, but instead of that room, she had called them all into the town hall, every child of the appropriate age, past the changing of the voice but before the full adult growth had been reached.  Not that most of them weren’t already taller than the monitor, Saydrie noticed, not without some rather unkind pleasure.

She had a list of names and read them off – or attempted to.  “Genkee. Zadree. An- Tanton. No, I said Zadree.” Continue reading

Who are you In Edally Academy?

For a little fun, I’m going to go back to something I did a long time ago:

What would your name be in Calenyen?

But more than that, what student would you be in Edally?  What house would you be in?  Talk to me, and we can come up with your Edally/Reiassan name and student!

Here’s one version of Clare’s:

and @rixScaudu’s

Want more?

Edally Academy Houses II

Every one of the nine houses of Edally Academy has its own tower (which serves as a dormitory and social area), its own classroom building, its own uniform colors, and its own sigil.

Kaarson House covers Economics and Agriculture: the business, as their current Head of House has said more than once, of living and then of thriving.

Their uniform is fully in the realm of Rienaasanun (Reiassannon in the Bitrani): neutral brown, forest green, and grass green adorn these student of life and the living.

Their sigil is a parsnip, Reiassan’s signature starch crop, a stubborn root that will grow anywhere, even on the side of a mountain, and which can survive most of the natural predators to such things; the parsnip is crossed over the horns of a goat, the animal which serves the Calenyena as meat, milk, and wool source as well as serving as a riding beast.

Bapzhoom House houses those who wish to learn about anatomy and medicine.  This school has existed from the very first days, and its uniform being almost entirely in the realm of Mindfulness. Tienaabaa (Bitrani: Tienebrah), the deity of mindfulness and change, cold and thought, is still a matter of some dissension among various groups.  After all, Rienaasanun is the deity of healing… Continue reading

Edally Story 1 – Come Down Sometimes

Chapter 1-5, Book One: Dairnikkindo and Biemnyon

“Biemon!  What are you-”  Dairnikkindo’s voice was a hiss against the night air.  “Did you do enough last year?  You’re going to get expelled!”

“You know I’m not going to, Dairdo-dairkin,” Biemnyon teased.  He was making no attempt to lower his voice.  “I have the best grades in the school right now.  And I won the Mechanics competition just a week ago.  I think I’m entitled to a little fun.”

“A little fun, sure.”  Tired of craning her neck, Dairnikkindo swung herself up to a second-story window frame to look up at Biemnyon.  Ever since he’d pulled his stunt last year, he’d been incorrigible, irrepressible, and absolutely without any concern in the world for his future.

Since he’d thrice asked Dairnikkindo to share that future with him, she thought perhaps he might have some thought for it, but no, he was climbing the Philosophy Tower.  Again.
And what was more, she realized, as she squinted into the moonlight at him, he was using one of her Devices to do it.

“You might have won the Mechanics competition,” she hissed, “but we both know why.”

“You know that they’d say you were a sore loser, too, if you said anything.”

“Biemnyon.”  Dairnikkindo stood up on the narrow ledge, her own Device gripping the stone carefully.  “I would think very carefully about what you just said.  If you truly think that that is why I said nothing, then you have no right to ever again ask me to add your name to mine.”

She was furious, and she knew that it showed in her voice.  She didn’t care.  The nerve of that man!

And just like that, he slid halfway down the building, so he could look down at her.  “You’ve turned me down three times, Dairdo.  Three times, that’s one for each god.  Common wisdom says that if you say no in the face of all the gods, that you’ll never say yes.”

“Well, considering you’ve never paid much attention to common wisdom in any other situation, I don’t know why you’re bothering now.  Biemnyon, I have said no because you have not yet shown me what you want a future to look like.”  She dropped down to the ground in two bumps, moving like a spider against the wall.  “When you figure it out, let me know – and then you can ask me in the face of all three gods, and you can see what I say then.”

She walked away before she could look at his face, before she could turn and take it all back or yell at him some more.  He was going to have to grow up eventually – or he was going to have to be a perpetual child, but without her.  She didn’t know, yet, which was more likely; she didn’t know yet what she’d do if he chose not to grow up.

Hanging him by his toes from the top of the Engineering Tower, though, definitely was starting to look appealing.


So Solace went and gave me two Books of all the characters, and thus is getting all the Edally ficlets ever. 

This one takes place when Taikie’s parents are still in school. 


Edally Academy Houses I – colors and sigils – written for Patreon

Every one of the nine houses of Edally Academy has its own tower (which serves as a dormitory and social area), its own classroom building, its own uniform colors, and its own sigil.Kyokyoenet House (Kyoket*) is the martial house.

In modern days,  this school is sometimes thought to be useless, a redundancy in times when there is only Calenta filling the whole continent.  Still it remains, and classes in tactics, combat, and strategy are an essential part of every Edally student’s eduation.

Their colors are navy, orange-red, & red, red being the color of Veignevar/Viegnevaar, whose realm is  blood, fire, violence, death, and the hot season.  Their sigil is the sword, the leaf-blade gladius-type weapon that every Edally student learns at least basic proficiency in.

House Akaizepennen (Akaizen*) covers Mechanics and Engineering. Continue reading

Baarbaarbaar – Conlang for Patreon





In Tuesday’s story, we have a character named Baarbaarbaar.

This is pronounced, in my head, like you started saying Barbara and got stuck.

(“Nanny Ogg knew how to start spelling ‘banana’, but didn’t know how you stopped. (Witches Abroad, Terry Pratchett)

Someone on Mastodon asked me about the etymology, so I needed to come up with one!

First I found:

baar: he/she (person pronoun)

But I do not think someone is going to name their kid They-they-they (or he-he-he).

So I kept thinking.  And I found (in my head):

we had the word baarbaan, horizon, which became baarbaanbaar, a name, which then became Baarbaarbarr *nods*

(Adding “person” or “them” to the end of a name isn’t common, but repeating syllables is.  So in this case, I think what happened is that you had BaarBaan, and to differentiate it from the word horizon, they repeated a syllable again.  BaarBaanBaar. And then you have someone mishear it and you end up with Baarbaarbaar).

In Edally era, names are not commonly given for their direct meaning, but in Baarbaarbaar’s time, that may have been different.  And indeed, as the Head of Edally Academy, it would be good to be one who looks forward, toward the horizon.

For more about Calenyena, see the Reiassan landing page here: http://www.lynthornealder.com/2016/03/09/landing-page-reiassan-2/#more-11655