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The two largest (and only surviving) nations on the continent of Reiassan have been at war, on and off, for centuries, gobbling up all smaller nations in their wake. Now, in the 20th year of Emperor Alessely, the Northern nation of Callenia has conquered the Southern nation of Bithrain.

In the aftermath of the war, one healer in the Emperor’s Army, a woman named Rin, has taken as a captive a Bitrani soldier. Although she calls him Girey of Tugia, and has convinced him to do the same, her prisoner is the surviving heir of the deposed-and-soon-to-be-executed King of Bithrain. Now she is bringing him home, across the long mountainous countryside to the far northern Callanthe capital city of Lannamer.

Reiassan is a fantasy story with romantic elements. The still-very–new Steam!Reiassan is set quite some time in the future in the same country, and is a steampunk setting.

NB: The setting is constantly evolving. While the stories are in the process of being edited for the book, the versions here on livejournal/dreamwidth/wordpress will have some setting inconsistencies – horses v. goats, etc.

Places to start
Abduction For the Rin/Girey story
Coming Soon, a trailer for the Rin/Girey story
Sword  – sets the tone of an earlier era
Discovery  – for the Steam/Edally era
Edally Academy

Rin and Girey

Edally Academy

Steam Era


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Building the World


Read rix_scaedu‘s ongoing fanfiction series, set in Edally era. The first story is here; the tag encompassing all of them is here.


meeks‘ picture of Rin and her riding goat – and two details:

Icons by djinni of Rin, Girey, and two Steam!Callenta people.

The Author, in Rin-era Calenyena clothing and in Edally Academy uniform.

Icon by Mellama of Tairiekie

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