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Setting Meme

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsI was playing around with my friends on Twitter (thinking about Month of Letters) and this came up.

So: If I wrote a setting just for you, what would it look like?

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November Writing List

So this

is my current project list for November.

But I know me. I know that I do better with some fun stuff on the list. And I know my call-for-random-numbers people. I know that less than 7 items makes people less into the game.


is my October list as it stands today.

And this

is stuff that’s fallen off the list.

“Bingo” is currently H/C Bingo.
The 7th Sanctum link is: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=writeprompt
Some of the others, I’m not even sure: Ask if you want to know.

I need three projects to play with during November. What should they be?

1. Finish It
2. Arisse
3. Showcasing
4. Hurt/Comfort Bingo
5. Addergoole
6. Beekeeper

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Starting a New Setting (yes, again)


The idea is more or less a project written in the vein of Dystopic YA stories, with a heavy dose of [twitter.com profile] broodingYAhero. I’m not doing nano, just doing a project I start writing in November… or something. It’ll be derivative, of course: that’s the whole plan.

Anyway, above is poll question #1: Where is it?

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Conlang all year round – Auxpril in August

I am going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember one month/day in the second half of August…. because I wanted to. See conlang 365 tag for the ones I’ve done so far…

April’s Auxpril is about getting new fans! (Which leads of course to the question of: for what? I’m a mult-project girl; should I focus on fans for the fan-fic (blood for the blood god?), fans for Edally, fans for my vast corpus of unfinished work (i.e., this blog…)

Sometimes, one of those can translate into another, in theory. So I’ll ask about all three:

  • Where do you go to find Fanfic? I have accounts and stories posted on AO3 and Twisting the Hellmouth, and don’t mind writing in a specific fandom if it draws people.

  • Where do you go to find original fiction on the internet? I’m listed on Web Fiction Guide, Epiguide, and Muse’s Success (shamless plug: I still pay in fic for every two reviews, and Edally is sadly underreviewed)

  • Writers: Where do you go to find audience?
    I know [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and others have used the Bingo Challenges to go fishing for audience; did you find that it worked?
    Project Wonderful ads, sure, but how do you make them engaging enough to draw people in?

  • If you’re already a regular reader, how did you find this blog?
    Any suggestions on making it easier for readers to move from one section of my work (blog, fanfic, serial) to another?

Thanks! Also, if you’re a new fan, thank you! Where did you come from and how do I clone you? 😀

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Give me Ideas… short Addergoole: YEar 5 fic

Hey, Addergoole fans! I need some ideas for short side fiction!

Consolidated from three tweets, looking for three separate-but-related things:

Addergoole year 5 – the original series. First week (showing up through 1st dance). Give me a character to write a side story about, pls.

what kind of addergoole: year 5 story could I fit on a postcard while still having it a discrete piece of fiction?

Need some what-if situations for Addergoole. What if a student []… What if they Change []… What if they find out…[] Looking for students that illustrate or exemplify Addergoole, essentially.

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Thinking about Patreon…

…would people be interested in a map/diagram/floor plan milestone? Like, for every month we reach this milestone, $5 donors can vote on a potential map or diagram or floorplan related to either the serial or the month’s theme?

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Who’s Next Door? Help requested

For Five-minute Map Friday tomorrow, I’m thinking of doing a quick map of Aud & Sage’s part of Smokey Knoll

I KNOW I’ve identified harpies and pixies and centaurs nearby, but I can’t FIND them.

What I have so far is:

the Brownies across the street.
Ogres (dragons) next door – cavern-and-castle system – waterfall

The neighborhood around it [Smokey Knoll], the Retibya Heights, is a, ah…”
“It’s an affluent upper-class human neighborhood…”

the Brownies across the street….

“(The harpies)…Their great-grandchildren live down the block from me”

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“Finish It?” – Some Suggestions

I’m trying to put together an all_bingo “Finish It” card here.

It was pointed out to me that I have far, far too many unfinished stories to sort through.

So I started looking through the second page of my more, please tag: here

This is just a few suggestions of things someone has said “more, please” to that I have not finished. I will add to it as I find time.

Stranded in Winter – Autumn is stuck in town in winter
Space Accountant
A Reason – and Accidental, and bunking arrangements, etc (Genique got Married?)
Matchmaker, Matchmaker – Sabine didn’t intend to collar Holles. But…
About That… Fridmar in an unexpected possibly-romantic situation with a student? i.e., Lyn is not great at consistence.
Bracken, her first year
Deaths in the Faerie apocalypse, a side note
They Were Over – Forrester runs into her former Keeper
Together/Again twins!

Aunt Family
Then and Now – Radar and his kitten
The Strength – and other stories of Deborah

Romance was never this convenient to handle – Mark Faine, Mark Faine, Mark Faine. How many of him are there?
Falling From Grace – …not sure what to say about this one.
this one didn’t get a more please but it could use one.

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A Test Post for Xposting (with bonus)

Want something written? Be the 1st to comment on each of the xposting sites with a topic/link and I’ll write you 100-250 words in the next week

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