October Giraffe Call Closing (ish) Summary!

I still have 4 prompts to write – 2 for Ysabet & 2 for KC O’Brien – but I’m close enough to the end to post a summary.

Then I get to move on to the paid continuations! If you haven’t told me what story you want me to continue/write/etc. with your donation, please send me a note, comment, or e-mail!

I wrote 39 stories so far:

Rude Roommates (LJ) Autumn, and Ghosts
At the Movies (LJ)

The Grey Line (LJ)

Ghosts of Memory (LJ) Girey ponders

In the past
Giving up the Ghost (LJ)
Carrying the Spirit (LJ)

Tir na Cali
Ninja Kitty (LJ)

When in Rome (LJ)
Revenge of the Pumpkins (LJ)

Refurbish & Sell (LJ) “‘Spooks’ means FBI!”

(Main storyline)
Monster (LJ)
Memories (LJ) – Baram, through the lives
Not Everyone Makes it Out (LJ) and some never leave
Hell Night (LJ) Years 1, 4, & 7
Night Terrors (LJ) – Yngvi’s nightmare

(Yr 9)
Fae-Bane (LJ) Timora’s Hell Night [and notes on her appearance (LJ)]
Creeped (LJ) – Ceinwen’s Hell Night

Hallowe’en 19888 (LJ) (chibi, non-canon)

Dragons Next Door
Where Have all the… Zombies gone? (LJ) Aud & Jin having a discussion

Fears (LJ) Juniper & Jimmy, continued in:
Loophole (LJ

Questions> (LJ)
Consulting (LJ)
Salt (LJ) (After “Ketchup”)
Rule Two (LJ)
Skeletons (LJ), after The Black Tower & The Pumpkin

The Aunt Verse
Heirlooms and Old Lace (LJ)
Estate (LJ)
Lost Spirits (LJ)

Shadow Rebellion
In the Shadows (LJ)
Shadow of a Doubt (LJ)
Creep (LJ)

Inside the Walls (LJ)

Bug Invasion
Spooks vs. Bugs (LJ)

Cunning Linguist (LJ)
Ghost of Finals (LJ)
Unintended Consequences (LJ)
Keeping House (LJ)
Eat, Prey, Live (LJ)
Teddy Demon (LJ)

And we’re well on our way to that carpet!

The Giraffe Funds Raised So Far:

October’s funds:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun!

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