12 thoughts on “Giraffe Call – Prompt/Inventive questions

  1. I don’t think a setting article for a one-off makes sense, unless you are already planning to expand that… 5. I mentioned, turning comments into votes that might cancel each other out (“that which gets most” as opposed to “any which receives more than X”) throws me for a loop.

      • Yep… I was speaking in general terms, not suggesting that you do, sorry. At the moment I’m so overloaded with prompt calls that my eyes glaze over when I think of reading lists of various perks, so I’d even say “KEEP IT SIMPLE, PWEASE!”

  2. 1. Yes, it worked for me. I wanted to read the rest of the story so I thought about how I could get that second linkback done. 2. We could make you make up a setting for it… [Where did I put that Dark Lady badge I got out of the cereal packet?] 3. A picture of the giraffe carpet?

  3. I get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of writing. So I read it when I can – which means I think I missed nearly all of the September prompt call… This makes me non-typical. I would definitely want photos of the carpet. Before and after photos. Was the linkback finished? That was the one thing I wasn’t sure of. Good luck next month!

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