Mini Call Day Three Summary

A vacation in the middle dragged Day Three Writing out for Four Days, but I’ve finished the first prompt for everyone now!

Mini Call Day Two Summary (LJ)
Mini Call Day One Summary (LJ)

Mini Call Three: Seven Deadly Sins

Fairy Town: The Lions
Moving In (LJ)
Six Sins and One (LJ)

The Darkness in the Shadows (LJ)

The Second Restriction (LJ)

Addergoole: Joff & Ivette
The Best Sin (LJ)
Addergoole: Year 16
Laziness as an Art Form (LJ)

Shows Promise (LJ)

And Other Things:

Home Blogging
Moodles & Noodles (LJ)
Tracking Food waste (LJ)

Science! Landing Page (LJ)

Donation Levels Reached!

  • [personal profile] lilfluff and [profile] kc_obrian have been chosen by random generator to have a second prompt written.
  • Ellenmillion has been chosen by random generator to have a 500-word-continuation written. Ellen, is there something you’d like to see more of?

If you have donated and not yet told me where you would like your donation words, please leave a note here.

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