So I’ve been playing with paper dolls (Reiassan fashion…)


And I made up a bunch of them to fit This paper doll to see if I could get the layering down.

…there really should be at least one more skirt layer…

This is Rin-Era, someone working in a middle-status job, like a city bureaucrat and –I just realized I didn’t check the buttoning side–

Oh, good. they all button to the right hip. Even if there’s a sort of excessive amount of decorative buttoning.

I tell you, button-maker has to be a high-status job in Reiassan.

Edited to add: the whole scrapbook!

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8 thoughts on “So I’ve been playing with paper dolls (Reiassan fashion…)

  1. I like the big diamond on the edge of the button band. If all of those layers are buttoned, even if they’re offset a little, that line is going to get very bulky. Maybe only the top layer has a full set of buttons, and the lower ones have some less-bulky fastening, like a single button or tie on the side, or at the neckline and side? Depending just how pricey (nice) buttons are, they might use removable studs rather than sew-on buttons. That way one can put one’s favorite buttons on one’s outer layer, whichever layer that happens to be today/in this weather. (Or maybe pins, but I think reinforced buttonholes would be less stress on the fabric.)

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