It’s Lexember! Yay~

As per 2012 (not sure what happened in ’13 and ’14), I’m doing Lexember again!

What’s lexember? It’s a month to build the lexicon of your conlang! Specifically with everyday objects.

I already have some saddles,
goats and tents
kinfe and sword
eating tools
art and needle-art
Colors, posers, and fakes
Kids (and kids)

So! What words should I create for this year?

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8 thoughts on “It’s Lexember! Yay~

  1. You have existing clothing words — are they all gathered up somewhere? Are there gaps in that to fill? Words for underwear and buttons and hats along with tunics and stuff? Agriculture words — domesticated plants and their fruits, the planting and growing and harvesting and processing and storage, tools and buildings. Also cooking & other food preparation. Language and writing, pen and ink, paper (vellum?), books, maps, cartography, scholarship, essays and novels and charts …

    • Materials words — ores, the various stages of purification of those ores, and the finished products. Gems, both precious and semiprecious. Types of wood and other building materials serving the same purpose. Fuels. Decorative materials, whether for jewelry, body art, paint. Activity words — sports and sports equipment, sorts of art, methods of decoration of self or objects, military and military equipment (one of my favorite Latin words is “impediment” in its original form of “all that stuff a soldier carries”). Religious and philosophical words — what sorts of spiritual and paranormal things there are as well as what those things are capable of doing, modes of worship, cultural concepts.

  2. Not sure if someone’s already requested these, but musical words! Music itself, possibly a few local instruments, singing, time signature, melody, dance? Is there a distinction between classical and popular forms, or between ballads and upbeat pieces? Are there historical songs or chants?

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