My Aesthetic is… vooooom swissh?

Well, looking through my mental wish list, my pinterest “clothes” file, and the stuff I have on my to-sew…

Sort of like, um. Prairie waif? Goth-with-colors? Knit amish hippy?

layers of tissue-thin shirts, often with too-big necklines and def. with sleeves over my hands, down to my hips, over skirts that are fitted or fittedish to the knees and then SWISH out in a pile of petticoats.

If I had Meentik unutu (and huamu) that is what I would look like every day. Except the days I wore those shirts or loose shirts that go swish over jeans.

Yeah, my mental images never include shoes, either. Too bad I live in the frozen north.

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4 thoughts on “My Aesthetic is… vooooom swissh?

  1. Note to self: do not raid ‘s closet. Everything except maybe the jeans will drive you batty. 🙂 (And that without accounting for my being much shorter, so the jeans wouldn’t work, either.) I haaaate sleeves that cover my hands — I’m kind of dubious about sleeves much past my elbows. I have one gorgeous hand-dyed shirt that I ~never wear because it has belled sleeves that come halfway down my fingers and it’s in the way and the sleeves won’t stay pushed up and I can’t do *anything* while I’m wearing it. But it’s gorgeous and I keep failing to decide to find it a home where it’ll actually be worn. Different tastes!

    • I think the sleeves issue (and the fact that I like pants long enough to drag on the ground when barefoot) comes from being tall + arthritis. It took a long time for fashion to get things long enough to actually cover my wrist bones/ankle bones, so I overcompensate by wearing things down to my fingers now.

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