First, Catch the Rabbit… Making things from your own yard

I’m making my mother Kale & Apple soup for Christmas.

I try to make her a soup most years. This isn’t just feeding her – she can cook plenty well by herself – it’s also test-driving a recipe that almost always has some meat product in it and making it tasty and vegetarian for her.

This year’s recipe, for instance, has bacon in it. I think we’re going to start with mushrooms and perhaps a little bit of gelatin (I know, horse hooves, but she’s only mostly vegetarian…) to get the proper umami and texture going on.

It’s also going to be made – aside from the mushrooms, which I’ve not gotten around to trying growing at home yet, and the gelatin, which, uh, no – entirely from homegrown stuff.

Apples, of course. My house is still full of apples. You can’t turn around without running into a box of apples.

Apple cider for some of the liquid. When we make it, it has stock in it; I’ll probably make some leek stock as a start. The leeks are still sitting in the garden, wondering when I’ll do something with them. And the cider we pressed ourselves, from the apples our trees produced.

And then there’s the kale. Kale is a marvelous thing. It just keeps growing. Last year, it lasted until February. This year, I imagine I might have to pull it out to plant new come June – since there’s no snow to speak of yet.

There’s something satisfying about giving homemade gifts; there’s something even more pleasing about doing it from ingredients your yard grew.

I wonder if she’d want duck egg something next year…

But first we have to get the ducks.

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4 thoughts on “First, Catch the Rabbit… Making things from your own yard

  1. I arrived in Canada this year to learn that my sister now has ducks! She loves them, much more than chickens. Ducks are more sociable and less rude to each other. They are also much hardier (they have down jackets) and take cold weather better. They do not need to be cooped up for as long or as often, so they get less stir crazy. They will also try to swim in any puddle or ditch you have – my sis has no pond but they were happy with the drainage ditch. I also have a lovely white feather from them. I hope you get to enjoy ducks too!

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