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Today’s topic is… Society

Right now, I’m building vocabulary based on a very pre-industrial society. It’s sort of an experiment (which might end up being an in-world experiment, too; I have Ideas); I’m picturing them at a beginning-to-farm level as well as having pictured them at a hunter-gatherer level and going outwards from that.

So what we have are people living mostly in tilteksturdy rock homes built on high outcroppings, generally up against each other and in horseshoe shapes to stand against the cold winds that come in from the coast. 

They farm

Oats – rin

Wheat – win

Corn – zin

depending on where exactly their little settlement is – and they are currently gathered in groups of about fifty, as well as jenvin, a squash-like plant, and venvin, beans.

(seed-plant-sweet, and seed-plant-seed-plant)
They have small orchards – also serving as further windbreak – which have  yithken, fijlof, and vinni in concentric rings around their horseshoes (the vinni on the outside, the yithken, which is the most susceptible to wind damage, on the inside.

This set up is called a rertivel, a house-like, cozy, bowl-like thing.


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