Livewriting Tomorrow Tuesday 12/31/2019


Google doc here –

Twitch channel I’m still figuring out but it’s here –

Theme for prompts is

Beginnings and Endings; a way forward and a path back around.

And my goal is 12,000 words.

See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Livewriting Tomorrow Tuesday 12/31/2019

  1. There is, at the end of the realms of man, a demarcation that separates it from the unknown beyond. For centuries, it has been quiet. For centuries, it has been manned. Old treaties were forgotten, and the time has come for a green corporal to treat with a daemonic ambassador.

  2. Beginnings:

    Slavery in California is as natural as anything. Has been seemingly forever, from back before they left their island.

    But they had to decide to start taking from America.

    How did that start?

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