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This weekend, I:

Went to the NY State Faire with Rion, where we ate red velvet funnel cake, looked at bunnies, cows, and other creatures, and walked, a lot. It was a blast!

(We also took Addergoole characters there, because that’s what happens).

Then we went to the vampire LARP (Live-action rp game) we play in, where our fictional characters broke 25 prisoners out of super-max with only social challenges and a bit of mind control. Then we stormed a castle (Rion’s character and others stormed the castle. Mine sat on a bluff a mile away and threw social challenges).


I sanded the walls and the woodwork in the foyer, primed it (with help from T)… canned peaches (had an exploding can), helped T put up some bracing in our shedroof behind the garage, cleaned up the back wall of the utility room, filled the holes, and sanded that so that T. could prime it.

Then I fell over.


I was going to go into work for a couple hours but the rain was so intense at 6:30, I decided to go back to bed instead.

My parents had been going to visit to help paint the foyer, but with the rain and the humidity, I ended up suggesting they stay home, since painting wasn’t going to happen. I sanded some more, played with the trim, chopped up wood for the winter, and… I’m not sure. Monday is a bit of a blur.

And now back to work!

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The Foyer – a caelo usque ad centrum

I mentioned in my current Giraffe Call (LJ) that we’re going to start working on our Foyer soon.

I’ll do my best to post “before” pics this evening, but in the meantime, I’d like to lay out a bit of what we’re looking at.

The foyer is a 8×4 space with doors on three sides: the front door, the doorway to the utility room, and the doorway to the kitchen. The fourth side has an open “closet” space with a fold-up bench.

It was covered in hideous wallpaper when we moved in (Much of the house was covered in hideous something.) We’ve stripped the wallpaper off, leaving bare walls, and done much of the mudding and sanding.

To finish the foyer, we will need to:

  • tape, mud, sand, and finish the upper edge of the room
  • paint the entire room, including ceiling
  • paint and install trim around all three doorways
  • install a door in the doorway to the utility room (possibly but less likely, also in the kitchen doorway)
  • replace the over head light
  • repair the floor
  • remove the extant, rotting-out, header for the closet (where there were once hooks)
  • replace the header with overhead storage
  • remove the lovely fold-up bench and replace it with one in better shape
  • re-install the closet rod, re-install the hooks or get new ones, or paint the old ones and re-install
  • stencil a phrase between the overhead header and the seat: a caelo usque ad centrum (see here
    …and I’m sure there’s more. But, when we’re done, we’ll have a welcoming, lovely entryway in which to invite people into our home.

    Once the snow melts, we can really get started!

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Clean-all-the-things-write-all-the-things weekend

I’ve been alternating bouts of cleaning with bouts of writing all weekend! And the house – kitchen and bathroom, in particular – is a lot cleaner, and the writing is a lot more writier. I feel exhausted (Some of that is/was the shoveling) and very accomplished.

Have a couple excerpts:

“…Now, if Rin-nin was willing to throw her weight around…”

“But she doesn’t do that. I mean…” He thought of the few times that he’d seen her flash the signet ring. “Not a lot.”

“You two are allowed to keep on the way you do, providing that you do not cross the line, and you do not interfere with anyone else’s schooling. You’re coming close to both with Illian. What’s more, we need him.”

“She doesn’t spook.”

“True.” Agmund accepted the implicit truce. “So something spooked her. Close the doors, quickly. You.” He grabbed the nearest student. “Run, get Luke. Close all doors behind you.”

“If he keeps clawing that thing, he’s not going to have anything left to hold on to.’

“What’s Dad say?”
Mom paused with her back half to him. He thought she might not answer. When she turned around, her face was strange and her signs were tight and unhappy. “Dad understands.”
“I don’t.”

Back to the writing board!

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Home Crafting Project: The Door Curtain (#1)

Our front door is a bit drafty.

More than a bit, really: during the recent windstorm, water was blowing in under the bottom seam.

And that’s after we (T) have fixed the threshold.

In the long run, the whole door needs replacing, as well as the frame. And we need a storm door. But in the short run, I hung a curtain.

Not just any curtain!

I bought two lengths of heavy upholstery fabric on clearance at JoAnn’s, and then a layer of batting (the stuff that goes in the middle of quilts). I sewed a giant tube, inserted the batting, and then sewed a border to hold the batting down.

Then I sewed up the top so that I could slide a curtain rod through it, and hung a swing-arm curtain rod (this) above the door, so we can swing the curtain away to get out the door.

The difference was immediately noticeable.

Next up: the back door!

Is your house drafty? Too warm in summer? Too cold in winter? How do you deal with it?

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Dream House, House I have

So, I have a pinterest.

And I’ve been putting a lot of house ideas on there.

That, and talking to friends talking about their dream houses, leads me to thinking about that dichotomy.

So, over here, we have ~~the ideal house~~ Mine is a 2-story-with-attic in a style common around here which so far I’ve been unable to put a name to, with 3 bedrooms and a closet office, a wide, open kitchen, and a lot of light.

And over here, we have the house I own. It’s a short squat farmhouse that currently has very bare walls – unpainted drywall in one room, bare “studs” in another- bad linoleum, and strange room shapes (It does have, technically, 3 bedrooms and a closet office).

Of course, the advantage of the house I own is that it’s mine. And I’ve been working on thinking about Dream House that way – not about the house I might have some day, but about what I can do to my current house to make it My House.

(First step, as soon as we can afford it, is obviously getting someone in to fix the walls.)

So when I think about Dream House, I’m going to work on thinking Dreams For This House.

But that’s me. What about you?

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Prompt Call(s) – Rix’s and Mine!

[personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s Prompt Call is still open until Tuesday her time. Go leave her 14 prompts! (or less. I’m just enthusiastic.

Of the awesome stuff from this call, I most recently enjoyed On the Edge of Disaster, set in the same universe as her Rensa stories, and Testing a Theory, which makes me want to write a crossover with her into my Science! ‘verse

Speaking of prompt calls!

I am taking suggestions for my August 18th Rabbit Safari call.

Current suggestions include:
Storms and droughts.
Lost or forgotten things.
Fight ALL the oppressions!Fuzzy? (the first thing that comes to mind with rabbit)
Skins and furs
Legacies and fate
herefore adventures and quests, possibly with furred people.

And why it’s a Rabbit Safari:
Here’s a sheet. And a sheet with Theocracy.

My grandmother gave me those sheets when my parents built their house; I was 5. That makes them thirty-one years old. And they’re in bad shape, but I love them.

My mother recently brought down my childhood bed, which now lives in the upstairs as a guest bed. And I want to redo that space (Which is currently a mess, as [personal profile] eseme can attest; the paneling goes every which way, there’s neither door nor blinds, the floor is industrial linoleum, and so on). Not a full redo, because that’s going to require ripping out the walls. That’s down the road several years. But enough to make it nice for company. New sheets & blanket. Curtains and blinds. Mom’s providing the door. A rug. Maybe a piece of art for the wall.

And the bunnies! I’m going to work around that sheet, even though I can’t really put it on the bed. Have a new pillowcase printed at Spoonflower, turn the old sheet into part of a stuffed bunny pillow, maybe frame one of the bunnies.

So, while my bedroom is giraffe-and-safari themed, this one is going to be bunny-safari themed. And if that’s a bit juvenile… well, it might be a kids’ room someday, too. 😀


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Sentences I love, from my life

“When we bought our house, my father gave me my grandfather’s hammer.”

“My mother brought her pick-up truck down and we went to the hardware store to buy lumber.”

(T:) “If we’re going to be hoarders, I’d rather hoard something we can just take to curb and they’ll take away for free.” (re. our growing collection of glass jars)

(Hob:) [If I was getting a wedding present] “You guys would get a home depot gift card.”

<3 my life

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State of the Lyn!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about my life. Can I blame summer?

Yesterday morning, we woke to find the kittens nowhere. I wandered around the house making cat-calling noises for a minute or two – until T noticed that the living room screen was out.

Then came ten heart-stopping minutes of wandering around the yard making cat-calling noises, until we found them hiding under the lilac bush, soaked and miserable. But safe, whole, and healthy. Thank you, god of cats.

Wet? Yes. It’s been /pouring/ here. Thursday, I came home from work, started to thaw dinner… and the power went out. A dinner of Subway subs later, we learned that a tornado had touched down in Elmira, an hour away, but all we’d gotten closer to Ithaca was thunder, lightning, and rain.

All this rain has been good for the garden; my tomatoes are going wild. So are my squash and my peppers. It’s going to (knock on wood) be a good harvest)

And speaking of wood – we pulled the Horrid Paneling off of the dining room and living room, and found… well, lots of wood, in one wall. “Bare Studs” the size of trees, where plaster and lathe had clearly been removed at some point. The rest of the walls have unpainted but heavily-nailed-in drywall. This is going to be interesting.

How’s your summer going?

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What’s Lyn Been Doing?

Not being on the computer much, that’s for sure!

State of Nano: As of this morning, I have written 45,378 on my Addergoole, Year 9, 1st Semester piece. That, with previously written material (over 11.5K words, wow!) brings it to 11 chapters and some mini-interludes, which means that I’ll finish 12 chapters in just over 50K. Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

State of the garden: we bought another pepper plant (shoshito) and another tomato plant (pear-cherry). Also a cilantro, finally.

The squash are having fun, stretching out finally. The onions are being onions, ditto the leeks.

I have bean sprouts! And pea sprouts! and radish sprouts! (The sort in the garden dirt; I also have sprouts growing in a jar in the kitchen).

And last night I started planting a bag of salt potatoes that had gone to sprout.

State of the everything else: T has been cleaning out the loading ramp that came with the house – essentially a dirt ramp framed in railroad ties. We plan to use it as a planting bed.

After we get the safe out of it. O_O

And the dresser is very nearly done! I have to decide if I want to sand, smooth, and then 4th-coat the top, the sides and drawers are done, and the knobs will get here this week.

And … that explains, I think, the lack of anything else lately. If I owe you Giraffe Words, I apologize. When I hit 50 K, I will start working on the giraffeyness again!

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Thursday it’s Summer

The sun is out! My sandals are on! The weather is beautiful again! Summer must be here.. .*knock on wood*

I’ve been sanding away on the dresser, and hope to have it ready to paint by the weekend. I’m ridiculously happy about this. *bounce bounce*

Dinner tonight will be chicken soup – stage 2 in our 3-stage leftovers meal: Rotisserie Chicken –> chicken noodle soup –> risotto. Mmmm tasty. 🙂

Really, that’s about it going on in my life right now. I’m trying to stay back on the Weight Watchers Wagon, to start peeling off the rest of the weight before my cousin’s October wedding. And, of course, I’m writing.

Home-redo projects I like:
Floating Wall Display Shelf I might need one of these in my study someday.

Chair transformations – I’ve been contemplating doing something like this (get 4 mismatched chairs & paint & upholster them to match) – but that’s far down the line.

Also? been knitting like mad.

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