Lexember day Four: Parts of the House

ankewehner asked for parts of a house, and I’m beginning to realize there are quite a few of those. Here’s a beginning:

Okay, let’s start with house, which I originally covered in “Home and Tent, Goat and Saddle.”

House: pepok, from petepok, “stone tent.” (-pok sounds like -poke)

See here for images of words.

Door: Gaaret (rhymes with ferret) from gaat, to pass through. A Gaatet is a pass-through, an entryway with no door in it. A Gyaat is a crawl-space entry.

Walls come from tent-blankets, geten-peten, with a modifier for “stone”, -pok, and thus getok. (This is specifically a house wall of stone).

The Calenyen did not come up with a word for floor, simply using dez, ground. After a while this was modified with -ok, but in Reiassan, stone ground is most of the continent. The current usage is dem, from dezem, indoor-ground.

Floor as in story comes from an archaic word for box stolen from the prot-Arrans. Their word began as fillijai, which became Liezhai.

“Second floor” began as liezhai-lok, next-floor, and many people still use that usage. And from there you end up with liezhai-zaa, up-floor, and liezhai-tan, sky floor.

Man, I would pay to have someone draw me Richard-Scary-like diagrams of this stuff. 🙂

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