Lexember day 21: Grooming

Today’s words focus on basic grooming, combing and brushing:

lool, to pull apart

dalool /’da lo͞ol/ a tool for pulling apart, a comb

dalooltez, a goat-hair comb

lurret, to smooth (from lur, smooth, easy)

(-ret is often used to mean “to make this [adjective]”)

Daluret, a tool for smoothing, a brush

Daloolza, to use a comb; dalurretza, to use a brush.

(-za is often used when using a tool)

Hair, human hair, is piem, so you can end up with a sentence like: Taikie piem-ba uveedalurretzaak; Taikie hair-her (pastperfect)-brush-(subject/verb agreement); Taikie had brushed her hair.

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4 thoughts on “Lexember day 21: Grooming

    • Ah! Yes, I didn’t quite phrase that right up there. Combing goat hair is generally used for the carding/combing for preparation for spinning/weaving.

      • Ah! I figured live goats, especially saddle goats, would get brushed or combed, too, to keep them from getting matts around the saddles and straps. Same words for both sets of tools? ETA: and having seen sheep in their little sheep jackets post-primping at the county fair, I assume any show/competition animal is going to be groomed within an inch of its life before a show. 🙂

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