Lexember Day 22: Paaaar-taaaay

[personal profile] rix_scaedu asked for parties!

To begin with, we’ll want the word for party, which comes from lok, meal, and rook, tribe or family group: lok-ryu-rook (meal for the whole tribe), Lokurook. From this word you get Lokook, /lō ‘ko͝ok/ party, as well as lokozh, a grand festival or large meal at a gathering.

(See the post on trade).

Recently, the term lokurdin – from derdin, friends, from diednerdin (obsolete), who who trusts another, from ner, trust – has risen to prominence. A meal-for-friends is a completely social gathering, often with alcoholic drinks featuring heavily.

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    • There certainly could be! The Calenyen are a relatively direct culture, so they’re more likely to have actually come out and said whatever they would have otherwise implied.

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