Day and Night, #Lexember day 24

Day and Night!

[personal profile] rix_scaedu asked for Day and Night, which is coincidental, because tomorrow’s Edally holiday post is IetTienaabaa, which means “The Day of Tienaabaa.”

Iettie, actually, is day in the sense of a a whole day, from sunrise to sunrise, while Ietta is most often day in the sense of “day of;” birthday, gods’ day, coronation day.

The time from sunrise to sunset is anez /’a nez/, meaning, from sun to stars, and the word for night comes from the old phrase Odyidai ahkaarununu, “demons come.” While the word for “demons” in this sense is lost to history, it is still seen in words like dyid, darkness, and odyaikaar, night.

(If you are guessing that the Calenyena historically had an unpleasant relationship with nighttime…)

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