Candles and Cons, Lexember day 30

Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine

I already have the word for shine! It’s -lar

(I did the beginning of a series of conlang exercises here

And a lamp is Tezhet; the lamp shines – Tezhet alaraak.

But before there were lamps there were candles: dapairdie /da ‘pīr dē/, from pair, light, -do, to give, da-, a thing that does.

and [personal profile] inventrix asked for Cons.

iekiekyent is a known fact, a part of existence.
telnyent: truth-known, i.e, “the sky is blue.”
Kelnyent is the sort of truth that you’re pretty sure about

So a confidence game is a turning the truth sideways.

To turn sideways is gazh; to turn something else sideways is ragazh.

You end up with Kelneyt ragazh, a turning-sideways of your perceptions.

And, like con, this gets shortened to kelryag, a con.

Above list reproduced here –

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