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Today’s topic is… Village


We have a rertivel, the house-bowl with a central green – liklek, in a style they often use (It’s a green-green)

And widoriginally a meadow or other wide stretch of land, becomes a field for planting crops in.

We have the thit, a cattle-like creature (and thet, bovine, usually used to mean lazy and sleepy, and thot, to act in a bovine matter).

The thit and the yin, an egg-laying creature (ducklike) are kept in kid, a corrale (ked, square, kidden, square, kod, to corralle).

And the food is often cooked in a central area, which is usually a kidden, the word square, moved out to mean a central cooking-place.

Those who cook are didden. (okay, technically, that’s One-who-cooks.  Must do plurals next)

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