Archive | September 11, 2020

Landing Page: The Bellamy

The Bellamy Manor Archival Library and Museum is one of the foremost in the nation, nay, in the world.  Its collections host an amazing depth and breadth of information, of historical artifacts, of documentation of life in thousands of different sorts. 

It also is rumored to be haunted – as all good archives are – to hold secrets – again, as all must – and to hide many more rooms in its historical halls than its exterior would suggest.  It’s rumored to have anything you might want, if only you know what to look for.

Darker rumors suggest that it eats new hires.

The Story

Veronika Bellamy (possibly no relation, possibly some) has been working for years to get to the Bellamy, and now she has her chance.  If she can make it through her first day, if she doesn’t spook or run away in anger or possibly just… vanish…., she will be in her dream job.

But first, she needs to get through that first day.