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Breaking Out

breaking out

This is a follow up to A Break?  from my Fishy Prompt Call here – anyone can prompt (if you haven’t already) and please do!

Science! is a longstanding setting of mad science; Jess, below, is from Quick Thinking, (and, of course, A Break?). Cara is from almost all the Science stories except that one… But her first appearance was here.  The two interns were unnamed in A Break? but this is the same vacation and same interns.


“You know these woods really well.”  The shorter intern – Callum O’Neill – had been following Jess around since she had wandered down from the cabin loft bedroom sometime past sunrise but before noon. The other one – Lilian Win – had stayed back on the porch overlooking the gorge, taking photo after photo on her phone.  She seemed to have calmed down, however, so Jess wasn’t going to complain.  Continue reading