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The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 5 Check In

Home Site housekeeping Challenge

Hello Again! It’s time to check in on the Home Site Housekeeping Challenge!

And last week (Despite a blood test, a drive for a blood test that didn’t happen, an xray, an EKG, and … probably something else?) was pretty decent for me in the Home Site House-Keeping field!

So let’s see. I’m still in the process of putting up a new wiki, because nothing is ever easy, /woe, but I got several posts up on Patreon and on my blog here (even if three of the Patreon posts were the same Map of Cya’s Campground). Continue reading

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

This is a follow up to Clean…? from my Fishy Prompt Call here – anyone can prompt (if you haven’t already) and please do!

This story is set in the same world & city as Saving the Cult (If Not the World). It’s even talking about the same power plant as in Saving the Cult. Warning: This one is a bit spoilery to things not yet revealed in Saving the Cult. 

🐟 Continue reading