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Malina and the Border Banners, Chapter 18 (A Story for B)

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In a castle that shouldn’t be, in a place that wasn’t, a girl named after too many things ran her hands over the carvings in the sandstone and tried to read them. 

She could tell they meant something, but what they meant – that was beyond her.  Wait. 


She ran her fingers over it again.  “It’s – Oh, I can almost read it,” she murmured.  “I can almost feel the weave in it.  The – oh.”  She pulled her fingers away.  “It’s like reading a language that is close to one you know, but is just different enough to be obnoxious.” Continue reading

Blog Post: Calc I

Going to School

I am taking Calculus I this semester!

This is because Calc II is the pre-req for Multi-variate Calc which is the pre-req for Probability Models and Inference, which I wanted to take this semester but I’m going to take in… what, two years?

I mean, I took AP Calc in high school. I did well, too! I really liked it. I can still remember liking it. I also remember sitting next to my best friend Crystal, then. I mean, any class and every class is made better with a friend there, and Crystal was amazing.

(I miss her. I really do. I lost touch with her sometime in college and I haven’t been able to find her.) Continue reading