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This story is a follow-up to Fishing Day, is as dark as that one, and is from my Fishy Prompt Call, as the original story reached 7 comments (the last time I counted). Not sure I actually answered anything, but I carried on without any more on-screen murder, at least. 


The fish fought the line.  She pulled, reeling it in carefully.  There were police coming up behind her.  She finished reeling in, carefully unhooking the fish.  “Officers.”  Her bucket had three fish in it already; she checked the size of this one and dropped it in with the others.  “I heard screaming a little while ago.  Is everyone okay?” Continue reading

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 4 Check In

Home Site housekeeping Challenge

Hello, my friends!

Well, as seems to happen to me, when I go about wanting to do something for a month, life decides to have other plans.

That is, I’ve been sick for 2+ weeks and have done… nothing or nearly nothing on the Home Site Housekeeping Challenge since the end of the August 8-14th week.

So I, at least, am going to continue this for three weeks of September, in hopes of getting into a habit I can keep up when I’m more healthy.

How’s everyone else been doing?

Do you have a more comprehensible About page or more posts on your front page? Have you scheduled some posts or cleaned up some documentation?


That’s going to be the theme for this week, gods above and below help me.

What sort of setting documentation do you have, if you need any? (If you do blog posts, do you have an index or tags for specific topics?)_

What do you need?

I challenge you – and me – to come up with one documentation you need this week, and to add it.

I’m also challenging my readers to come up with one documentation I need, and to mention it.

Bonus points if you can help me sort out what it is that I need 😉


Family Tree
List of Titles or Title-holders
Character Descriptions
List of Laws
List of Magic Types or Magic Spells
Reference links/posts
Description of Terms used

How did your Rebloggening Month go? Are you going to keep going into September?

Cheers, friends!