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Federated Worlds – Worldbuilding for Border Banner

Written in February 2020, posted at (and other posts), but I cannot find it posted here, so here it is!

Malina’s Border Banners World – Worldbuilding.


Greetings, I’m Lyn, and I thought up #FediWorlds. 

And that being said, I’m not even sure how to answer this question. 

I did a poll as to what world I’d work on, and “Story for B” won.  This story, appropriately begun on this account, involves a princess of a very long name becoming lost in the desert. 

I think Rick and Evie from The Mummy (1990s) – early in the movie when they spend a lot of the time arguing – fit my feel for this story so far. 

This may be influenced by the fact that they are wandering through the desert, of course, or that the cat, one of the main characters, is obstinate and difficult.  Continue reading

Border Banners

Malina’s people live in a comfortable kingdom that has not seen real war in generations.  They have a thriving craft-person economy, they have a comfortable relationship with the one nation they share a border with, and they have a very nice monarchy – although, as the monarchs are Malina’s parents, she may be biased.

Their other border is a desert that nobody really thinks about, nobody really… even considers…

Until Malina is too bored at a party and goes walking.. into the desert.


    Desert World Building