Archive | September 7, 2020


This is set in (one of ) the world(s) of the Hidden Mall – Abby and Liv have been travelling through a series of multiverse malls, many of them abandoned. Actually, many Abby-and-Livs, Sandy-and-Vics have been travelling – this is a different Abby & Liv than those in the main story. This is a direct sequel to Fountain Fishing.


“Are you sure?”  Liv huffed quietly.  She was already packing up their gear. “No, I know you’re sure.  But this place – nothing is trying to kill us, nothing is trying to-” she stopped and twitched.

Abby paused long enough to hug her friend.  “The last place was bad, I know,” she murmured.  

“And the place before that.”  Liv’s voice was muffled by Abby’s shoulder, buit Abby knew what she was saying anyway.  “And the one two before that… I wish we knew how to go back to a place.  That one three ago, that was pretty nice.”

Abby ran through the malls in her mind.  Last had been the one that had clearly turned into the lair of a serial killer – this one not the sort that only killed Abbies, at least, except that meant the asshole had targeted Liv.  Before that had been the place on fire.  Before that had been…

“Liv.  Olivia.  That place wanted to put us each in a little pod and keep us there.” Continue reading