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The Fishy Call – a Follow Up!

Hello my friends!

I am about to start working on the third story with enough comments – Fountain Fishing– but there are a few that need one more comment. (edited to add:I was wrong! Clean also has five comments.  But still all the below will stand)

And, okay, I’m gonna be honest. It’s been a kinda bad few weeks for me. I could use lots of comments.  Well, as long as they’re not super negative, or super confusing :-/

So!  If you want me to write more of these fish stories, and you want to perk me up, the first one of these to get to five comments will get a story!  And then after that, the first to get to seven and the first to get to nine (although in the first round, we did it backwards, got a nine, then a 7, then a 5…)

Unplumbed Depths – Fishing in Minecraft can get you some strange results.  This fictional view of the fishing strips out a lot of the blockier elements but does leave a fishing pole with, perhaps, a little too much Luck enchanted into it.
5️⃣ comments!

…A Break…? – Jess works security at The Facility, a place where science which nobody calls mad (in the hearing of the scientists) is perpetrated.  It’s a really good job.  But sometimes, your friend up in the top end of things asks for a favor…
7️⃣ comments!

The Night Fishers – they only fished at day.  Murph was about to find out why.
4️⃣ comments

Bonus round!  Want to leave a lot of comments, or get in a whole bunch of people to comment (eeee, make my week!), get this one up to 5+ comments.

Seek And…?  Long long ago, I began a story about a woman lost in a blizzard and ending up in a different world. This story peeks in on her life, as she fishes for answers and is caught in turn.
2️⃣ comments

Sorry, but only comments in the blog count – it’s too hard to track down mastodon/twitter/tumblr/discord comments and keep count.