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Malina and the Border Banners, Chapter 19 (A Story for B)

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“Wait. Wait.”  Malina stared at the cat.  “Wait, some people think that Dominika – the one I’m named after, my ancestor- that she came from another world?”

“Well, many people did.  Right up until the Final Treaty was ratified.”

“Right up until – Wait.  People thought that, or – or people came from another world?” She was trying to remain calm.  She was mostly managing not to shout. “People were coming from another world?” Continue reading

Bisexual Visibility!

Bisexual Visibility Day (over the bi flag)

In honor of Bisexual Visibility Day – – for the next week, I’m opening up for prompts on any of my extant characters (or any bisexual concept character in any world of mine) – any character who is either canonically bisexual or who is not canonically monosexual or asexual.

(I’ll take prompts on bi-romantic ace characters as well).


Prompt Away!

For every person who prompts, I’ll write… say, at least 100 words, up to what suits my fancy, to at least one prompt (you can leave as many as 15 prompts) over the next two weeks.


(and if it weren’t already well-known and obvious, I, too, am bisexual.)