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December Meme – Day Nine (@rix_scaedu)

The Meme

Today’s prompt is from [personal profile] rix_scaedu: Doug

Ah, Doug.

For those of you going who? Doug is a character in Addergoole.

He started out as back-up porter and security guy, and looked like Luke, which led me to extrapolate that he was Luke’s son. The fact that he later turned out to be Mike VanderLinden’s grandson means that he probably doesn’t look THAT much like Luke – but that was later.

When I needed a dance teacher for a RP character (Kylie), he became the dance teacher; when I needed someone who Mentored monster-hunters (rather than the White Knights that were cy’Luca*), that became Doug. And when he had to show Kylie Masking – well, then I learned what his Change was.

Of all the background characters in Addergoole, I think he’s evolved the most. He is still definitely the Mentor for monster-hunters and riot grrls. He’s the dance instructor, and a later RP timeline gave him a love interest in another dance student.

(And yes, I love the conflict there between dance students and monster hunters and the one time I convinced Doug to take a male Student…)

Mike sleeps with students willy-nilly. Doug, who is as much his father’s son as he is his grandmother’s grandson, doesn’t refrain from teacher-student relationships, but he goes into them, like he goes into everything, slowly & deliberately. His Name is Brontosaurus for more than one reason, after all.

Doug is one of my favorite characters, & I should write more about him.

/Looks at queue/

Maybe someone ought to commission me to write more about him… <3

* cy’: of the cy’ree of, that is, one of the Students Mentored by.

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