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December Meme – Day Fifteen

The Meme

Today’s prompt is from [personal profile] eseme: Favorite places to shop for the late shoppers


This is trickier than it sounds for me, because my shopping is so specific to the person. My mom asked for a cast-iron pan for christmas, for instance, and my dad asked for a lined polarfleece pullover. One of those we buy locally, the other via massive online searching.

Let’s see, though.

Barnes & Noble, of course, especially if I’m in a hurry. ThinkGeek, SockDreams, and Lee Valley for quick go-tos for online/catalog shopping. Etsy 😉 And, of course,

We generally do a first run of our local outlet mall, but since we don’t have a proper mall in our area, most of our shopping will end up being online – in addition to the above list, there’s also LL Bean/Eddie Bauer. Oh, and Spice House.

To round out the list, we also like Uncommon Goods, for that little something unusual.

And that’s… about it. Where do you shop?

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