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Amrit Continues, including a description this time

After A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description, although I cut off the last line because it annoyed me. FAe Apoc, approx. now

Amrit didn’t care. He was going to go for some fish or some honey or some cattle, and he wasn’t sure which was more irritating.

This third bidder, though, she was interesting. She was thin – almost everyone was thin, these days, and there was nothing that raised more red flags than a fat person when everyone else was starving. She had features that looked good thin, though, with high cheekbones and wide eyes that made her look – ha – fey. Her hair – black or dark brown – was pulled back into a long braid, and she was wearing cargo pants and what looked like three shirts, all of them in shades of green.

And it looked like she was winning the bidding. Amrit tried futilely to fight against the chains, but that wasn’t getting him anywhere. He slumped. There would be a chance. He’d get away – and then he’d be more careful where he slept from now on.

“Sold, to the lady. Come collect your prize. He’s yours now.”

The auctioneer gestured grandly, and the woman came up onto the platform. She pulled the gag out of Amrit’s mouth and met his gaze. Her eyes, he noted, were so dark as to nearly be black. “You Belong to me now.”

He worked his mouth, getting the taste of wood and leather out. “Fuck you.”

She took a step back, frowning. Oh, had he offended her delicate sensibilities? Good.

“You’re going to be interesting.”

“Fuck you.” He managed to find a bit of spittle to add to that one. She wiped her face and, for a moment, Amrit thought she was gong to hit him. She’d learn fast enough that that didn’t do much to control him.

Instead, she shoved the gag back in his mouth. “I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Leave him chained, please.” The last was to the slavers, who’d come over to wrap Amrit for travel, or whatever they did. “I’m sure what I paid for him can cover a couple shackles… and this gag.”

“Yes, ma’am.” They unlocked the two pins holding Amrit’s chains to the sales floor. “He’s all yours, then.”

“Yes, yes he is.” She hauled Amrit to his feet. “Come on, then… unless you’d rather stay here and try your luck with Fineus the Whoremonger? I hear his bid came in second.”

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