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Two peeks at Doug

Year One:

Doug watched the new students coming in to the brand new school. They were fresh-faced, some of them, while others were already bitter and untrusting. They were so young, all of them, and so human-seeming.

His son was among them, Donegal, who he hadn’t gotten to raise. He watched the boy moving through the crowd, and found himself fading into the background. Now was not the time to try to raise the kid; now was the time to do his job.

Two tall, dark boys – brothers, Doug thought, but not twins – moved their way through the crowd as if they were pushing aside brush. Doug watched the way they moved, the shorter one aping the taller one’s movements. They were going to be trouble.

“First day of school.” The woman standing next to him finally spoke up. Laurel, Doug thought her name was. “This’ll be interesting.”

Doug cleared his throat, and found he had nothing to say. He settled for “yeah.”

Year Fourteen:

Ana was pregnant, and Doug was doing everything in his power not to glower, hover, growl, and in general act like (as more than one woman had called him) a royal pain in the ass.

He was fairly certain that he would have been a hovering, miserable, overprotective dinosaur (as Ana gently teased him) even if she hadn’t been carrying his child, his child, as well as the boy Teal’s, but he couldn’t guarantee it. Doug was in love, and it messed everything up.

He watched the fresh-faced new Cohort, just a month into the year and still looking so very young, so very human. A short, stocky irish boy – notable in that he was shorter than either Doug or his father – met Doug’s eyes and grinned, arrogant and insouciant.

“They’re shaping up to be interesting.” Laurel Valerian laid fingers on Doug’s arm in a way that would have, from another woman, seemed possessive. “I think this is going to be a good year.”

Doug shifted his weight onto his heels. The Irish kid was looking at Ana. Looking was fine. Looking was fine. He cleared his throat and made himself look at Laurel. “Yeah.”

I’m not really sure what to put in for context here…

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December Meme – Day Nineteen – Knitting

The Meme

Today’s prompt is from [personal profile] kelkyag: Knitting

Oh, man, I haven’t knitted in so long. Children are walking and talking who I had Big Plans to knit baby clothes for.

And it’s a pity, and something I ought to rectify, because knitting is very soothing. It calms me down, gives me something to do with my hands, and takes some of my attention so that I can spend the rest of it focusing.

On my list of things I really want to knit:

Shahin’s wristwarmers, in large part because I want to use them in the Kickstarter.

A girl-stuff pouch for my purse, because, well, girl stuff. <.<

Something for a friend’s kid before said kid heads off to college.

The two hats I have planned for other friends, before they’re 80.

And, in the dream-big realm, I really want to knit myself a Douglas Adams/Dr. Who homage towel shawl blanket.

Maybe start small? I think I have a dishcloth on the needles, or there’s always the 13-foot scarf I was knitting for a friend. I got through 6 feet of it…

*flexes fingers* I’m allergic to wool, so knitting for me is almost always cotton or linen. I’m just beginning to get a feel for bamboo, but it is so different from cotton…

Maybe I’ll knit myself a set of pulse warmers first.


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