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Cali, Femdom, Catgirls

By the time Daniel was dragged to the sales floor, he was bruised in at least seven places, two of which didn’t show; he was chained, collared, naked, sweating, had been forcibly showered three times and had his hair combed five time. He was furious, but he’d gone past furious into panic and then past panic into shaking.

And then the cat-girl walked into the room.

There was no other word for her. She had perky cat ears, whiskers, and a tail; she had a human face and body with fur or patterns on her hands – paws? She was wearing a small dress and tall heels, and very little else.

She strode in like she owned the place, and here, in California, where supposedly anything went, everyone stared. Daniel couldn’t fault them; he was staring too. Had to be prosthetics, or some sort of cosplay thing. But the ears were moving. The tail was moving.

The girl was moving. Woman, he supposed, nobody ever called them cat-women. Except DC comics. Anyway. She was moving towards him. She was carrying something in her hand. Something – what –

“Oh, no, no, no, no.” He couldn’t back up. He was so very locked to this place he was standing. He could fall backwards, and he did that. “No.”

She leaned down until her lips were nearly at his ear. “Yes.”

He felt the leash clip onto his collar, but he was out of options.


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Science! landing page updated


In honor, I will now take 2 prompts for Science!

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Rumors about the Family, a story start for the Aunt Family

I asked for Non-Addergoole Prompts here; this is to kiarrith‘s prompt.

The Aunt Family has a landing page here.

It was a whisper, not even a proper rumor, passed among the members of the family – mentioned as an overheard sort of thing in an e-mail, or drunkenly chuckled about in a party when the Powers That Be were busy being powerful elsewhere. Did you hear about the Aunt that got herself a cult?

Not even a proper Aunt, the rumors would continue. No sisters, a dead-end line. But that part, scandalous as it was, wasn’t nearly as shocking as the other part. And she’s being worshipped! Worshipped!

There were things you didn’t do, in the family. You didn’t trust men with power, you didn’t get pregnant if you were the Aunt, you didn’t bring men home – or women, or even cats – without running them by at least one Granny first. You didn’t show off your magic to outsiders, if you had any, or talk about it, if you didn’t.

And you certainly didn’t let people think you were a goddess.

But the rumors persisted. And, one day when her last child had left the nest, a woman named Stolen – a sensible, practical woman, a mother of four and already a grandmother of two, the sort who had put aside her tea leaves long, long ago – began making some discreet inquiries.

She had spent twenty-seven years working in insurance, and thus, in addition to being more cynical than most of her sisters, had a very well-honed skill with investigation, which she put to good use talking to relatives.

She might be a grandmother, but she was not yet, technically, a granny, and, besides, she was so down-to-earth that nobody really expected she’d be doing anything untoward. She was putting together a book of family legends, sure. It had been done before, but not recently. So people told her things.

And people outside of the family – they were easy. She might have put aside her tea leaves, she might have been solid and rational and dependable, but she was still what she was. People were easy.

It was thus that, two years into her youngest’s college life, Stolen found herself donning an all-covering blue robe and pulling the hood until it shaded her face.

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December Theme Poll!

This Month’s Theme Poll is live!

The choices are:
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9. Obsession (motif)
10. Music and song (motif)

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