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December Meme – Day Two

The Meme

[personal profile] kelkyag asked: Garden Plans?


Well, at this time of year, I need to get some cardboard and more mulch over the carrots to overwinter them, and come up with something to do with the last of the kale.

Over the winter, I am contemplating a three-bay compost bin. Our current compost bins are about as simple as can be made: a circle of chicken wire (or the plastic version, in one case) held up with three sticks.

What I’m thinking of doing, probably from scrap wood, are three boxes each sharing a side (Something like this:, but less large all around), with the front of each box being fold-down or screw-off, and the three back sides being lined with chicken wire or the like. This gives me two bins to rotate every year, and then a third “slow burn” for things like bones & kitty litter.

As for next year? Only one tomato plant, probably only one pepper. Giving the ground a chance to recover from the tomato blight.

Lots of brassicas! Those did really well this year.

And I’m going to mound the squash next year, and hope that does me better.

That’s enough garden planning for early December in the North, I think. <3

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Warm Visions and Warm Family, a ficlet of the Aunt Family

I asked for Non-Addergoole Prompts here; this is to [personal profile] kelkyag‘s prompt.

The Aunt Family has a landing page here.

The day before Thanksgiving was, by family tradition, a day spent at the Aunt’s house, cleaning, prepping food, and getting everything ready for the feast the next day.

It was two things notably: It was a day where the family chose to ignore all gender distinctions, and work as if everyone was one, and it was a day in which the Aunt of the family was expected to sit back and not do any heavy lifting, metaphorically, metaphysically, or literally.

Eva was, thus, hiding out in her kitchen, with Beryl and Stone, who were ostensibly sorting the cocoas to help Beatrix & Janelle make cookies. But, since they were sorting cocoa – and since Everyone Knew either Beryl was going to be the next Aunt, or they were going to have to throw everything on its head and let Stone be an Uncle, they were making cocoa, and talking to their Aunt Eva about scrying.

“So, there’s a whole bunch of things going on.” Eva swirled her cocoa and finished the last of the milk, leaving a long ring of grit at the bottom. “The first is simply focusing the Sight in a convenient medium – the cocoa. The second is the feelings you’ve got about doing something. So.” She focused on the swirl, and smiled as she saw a cozy family scene around the big fireplace in her living room. “Cocoa tends to tell you warm, happy things. See?”

She passed the mug to the brother-and-sister team, and watched their faces light up as each of them sent their Sight into the grit. This was going to be a generation to watch, indeed.

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“Hey, Lyn, Why Don’t You Write More ____?” Here’s your chance(s)!

Ever want to poke me to write something in specific?

This thread gives you a chance to suggest a blog topic sometime in December,


this thread is for prompts for anything non-Addergoole (is there a desire for an Addergoole/Fae Apoc/Doomsday prompt thread?)


this thread is to help me narrow down the “more please” tag to a few stories.


Go, tell me what to write!

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