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A Physical Detail

His wrists caught my attention first.

You wouldn’t think it would be wrists, but these were bony wrists, slender, so thin I could circle each wrist with my forefinger and thumb. He had nearly-hairless arms, and these bony wrists between lanky long arms and long-fingered skinny hands.

I think I fell in love with his wrists before I ever made it to his eyes

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The Annual Sacrifice, a story of Dragons Next Door (or at least a teaser)(@anke)

As the title said, this came out more as a teaser than a story.

But I can always be enticed to write more! (Commission, sweet-talking, reviews…)

I asked for Non-Addergoole Prompts here; this is to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s question and [personal profile] anke‘s request.

Dragons Next Door has a landing page here.

“I see you are participating in the annual sacrifice of a tree.” Zizny puffed smoke at me over the wall between our properties.

It might have been unusual to some to have a dragon talking over the fence at one, as it were, but after the last neighbors – the ogres – I was more than willing to take the far-more-polite and far-less-smelly Smiths.

But I confess, as used to Zizny and thez* ways as I was, I still stiffened. “We don’t use dryad trees.” It had been done, once upon a time, sometimes by the ignorant and sometimes by the cruel. But this pine tree had never been anything but a pine tree. “We’re not really… Christian, hard to be. But with Junie’s friends, it’s easier to just celebrate the holiday…”

The dragon next door puffed another harmless steam-cloud at me. “You are, I believe, under a great deal of stress right now.”

“I…” I realized Zizny was, in a draconic manner, laughing at me. “Yeah. Yes, I have been. You were teasing me. I admit, I did not know that dragons teased.”

“You are very clever about races not your own, Audrey. But you do not know everything.” Zizny dropped-jaw in a way I had learned was the draconic version of a human smile.

I smiled back, cautiously. “Well, then. What do dragons do for the winter holidays?”


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December Meme – Day Five

The Meme

[personal profile] lilfluff‘s topic was: Plotting methods that have worked for you, or that have intrigued you.

Plotting methods that have worked for you, or that have intrigued you.(12)

Okay, so you may have noticed my two favorite formats are “serial that just keeps going” and “500-words-or-less.” Neither one of these rely heavily on plotting, the flash fic even less so than the serial.

Needless to say, plotting is something I’m working on.

When I work on serials and long stories (that would mostly be Rin & Girey), I tend to outline chapters on four (Steno-book-sized) lines each, and then draw plot arcs along the side. “This is Shahin’s recovery.” “This is someone chasing Girey.” It works… okay. Writing to the outline is another skill I’m working on <.<

For “Monster Godmother,” I found that if I put the story in 100-to-500-word chunks, it made a lot more sense to me. So the outline looked like

[flashback: 100]
[First scene:250]
and so on.

When I did Nano, [personal profile] inventrix had just introduced me to beat sheets: here. I’m still pondering them, but they don’t work well with my flow and tend to throw me off. “Wait, what, they’re supposed to be having a defining moment here? But I’ve got that scheduled as a dramatic pause!”

(I like dramatic pauses.)

And on the “intrigues:” I’m contemplating this: The Snowflake Method, recommended by [personal profile] clare_dragonfly.

So, what about everyone else? How do YOU plot?

Bonus link: 25 Ways To Plot, Plan And Prep Your Story

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