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Dollar bill y’all

After Put me on a dollar cause I’m who they trust in.

Luca=Luke (Luca was what he was called when younger)

Mike/Michelle/VanderLinden/Meckil are all the same person.

Akatil Yixox teaches tinkering and “unutu,” worked objects (artifacts?) at Addergoole.

It was just too tempting. Mike left the 3-clover bill on his desk for a week, turning it over and over.

Regine refused to acknowledge that Cloverleaf or Doomsday Academy were anything but the pitiful games of angry children; when DJ had suggested trading with them for goods, the Director had actually thrown the Procurer (and the school’s buying agent; DJ was good at the job) out of her office.

But the currency sitting on Mike’s desk spoke far more loudly than Regine’s chill, snipped answers. It was well-done, for one, with at least three Workings embedded it in. Akatil Yixox had raised both eyebrows, and then said, with some consternation, “this is not the work of my Students. But it’s not the work of yours either, is it?”

It was a good question, and not one Luca had been thinking of, clearly. Luca, bless the bird-brain’s heart, had been too busy flailing his hands and wondering how the children grew up so big.

Considering his wife was the daughter of one of those children, Mike thought perhaps Luca needed to think out his reactions a little bit better. Then again, Luca had a bit of a thing for those far too young for him.

That was far, far beside the point, maddening as it was. The point was, the currency was fascinating. Having a bill with one’s own face on it was absolutely delicious. And having a fifty with Luca‘s face on it… Mike slept with that bill under his pillow, but only when he slept alone.

He had to do it. He had to see this city.

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December Meme – Day One

[personal profile] inventrix asked: What have you been watching lately?

Well, we were watching Dr. Who, but then its ridiculously short season came to an end (dun-dun-DUN). I was really enjoying it, right up to the finale, in which I believe the actors did the best with awful dialogue writing.

I watch the news. 😉 ABC World News with David Muir. We also watch the Daily Show, which isn’t news, but is often informative.

And T. & I watch Cutthroat Kitchen rather religiously. It’s a Food Network food competition show, hosted by Alton Brown.

We’re very slowly re-watching Picket Fences and Torchwood on days when we don’t have anything else to watch.

I didn’t marathon anything in November, or watch anything, really, on my own. I might track down something, but all my previous shows are sort of leaving a funny taste in my mouth. Anything to suggest?

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December Meme – Tell me what to talk about

Stolen from [personal profile] aoifes_isle who stole it from [personal profile] theladyscribe: Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. TV, books, movies, fandom, writing, science, publishing, food, travel, fictional characters and all of their feelings, cuddly animals, whatever.

@dahob, days of my choice – -Angel Fight! -snow -sexy eyes

[personal profile] kelkyag, days of choice – Art — your tastes, a favorite piece you or one you’ve been inspired by, art to go with your writing;Mud. (Says the potter, but interpret in your own choice of contexts.); Cooking, recipes, something you want to make; Something you want to learn, or learn about; Language or color choices; Collections; Mythology (or mythological beasts, or places, or …); Getting lost; Meeting people; Cycles; Fire.

1 – [personal profile] inventrix: What have you been watching lately? – 1
2 – [personal profile] kelkyag: Garden Plans – 2
3 – [personal profile] aoifes_isle: Snow, love it or loathe, and why. – 3
4 – me – Farmville (really) – 4
5 – [personal profile] lilfluff: Plotting methods that have worked for you, or that have intrigued you. – 5
6 – [personal profile] kelkyag: Fire – 6
7 – Wyste, budgeting – 7
8 – [personal profile] aoifes_isle: Obscure factoid that everyone should know. – 8
9 – [personal profile] rix_scaedu: Doug – 9
11 – [personal profile] thnidu: Rolling the dice.
12 – [personal profile] kay_brooke: How about fictional characters and your feelings? Who do you like the most? Who do you enjoy writing the most? Who do you frequently want to knock some sense into? – 12
13 – [personal profile] lilfluff: Your favorite games – 13
14 – – 14
15 – [personal profile] eseme: Favorite places to shop for the late shoppers – 15
1 [16] – [personal profile] thnidu: oops! Something’s missing!16
17 – [personal profile] inventrix: the cats – 17
18 – [personal profile] lilfluff: What shows/movies would you like to see rebooted? – 18
19 – [personal profile] kelkyag: Knitting – 19
20 – [personal profile] thnidu: what’s the score?
21 – [personal profile] inventrix: Christmas plans! – 21
22 – [personal profile] lilfluff: Comfort foods – 22
23 – @dahob – Why do you like apocalypses so much? – 23
24 – [personal profile] thnidu: the dozens
25 – [personal profile] thnidu: Square, perfectly square
26 – [personal profile] thnidu: From A to Z
30 – [personal profile] aoifes_isle: New Year’s traditions (in a fic ‘verse or real life)
31 – [personal profile] lilfluff: A writing tip or prompt for people to take into the new year.

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Reunited, a story bit of Planners (@lilfluff)

I asked for Non-Addergoole Prompts here; this is to [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt.

235 words, ‘Planners verse 5 years post-Collapse.

The Far Northeast branch of the Family had done everything by the book, and then improvised where there was no book. They had gotten their Ark Library secure before the first murmurs of trouble, and had been all safe inside, with an equal number of non-Family experts and friends as Family, when the worst troubles hit. They had sat tight, letting in a select handful of wandering refugees only as they could safely feed and shelter, and had immediately begun classes in which everyone taught and everyone learned. Their food supplies exceeded book suggestions. Their heating plans were on par for the northern Maine winters. They were completely, totally prepared.

The problem was, they had also been, for five long years, completely, totally isolated from the rest of the world. Communications lines had not survived the collapse, which had been anticipated.

What hadn’t been anticipated, or at least not considered relevant, was the strange flailing feeling of a continent-sprawling organization in constant contact with one another suddenly finding itself cut into component pieces.

The day the Family scouts finally found the Far Northeast Ark Library, the Northers broke into every reserve stock for their party. Alcohol flowed. Chocolate was baked. Rich foods were served, and loud music boomed.

Of course, while five years was not all that long in terms of the Family’s long view, it was certainly long enough to drift away from Plan…

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