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December in Alder, a partial summary

What Follows is now available in print!

Feedback Requested
December Theme Poll

Arrangements, a continuation of Live-In – modern/IRL ‘verse
The Border, a continuation of Itty Bitty Package and Courier Duty – Space/Colonies/?? ‘verse
Next on the Tour, a story of Science!
Cali, Femdom, Catgirls in Tír na Cali
Discoveries on the Colony
A Physical Detail, just a minor thing (a writing exercise)

Jumping Rings – Chapter 12 – Choose
Edally Chapter 17 – Hit First, Reassess, Hit Again
Edally Chapter 18 – When Making War, First Make Tea

December Meme
The Meme Post
Day One – TV
Day Two – Garden Plans
Day Three – Snow
Day Four – Farmville
Day Five – Plotting Methods
Day Six – Fire, Fire, Fire!
Day Seven – Budgeting
Day Eight – Obscure Factoid
Day Nine – Doug
Day Eleven Rolling the Dice
Day Thirteen Favorite Games
Day Fifteen Shopping places?

The Powers That Be, a continuation of Visiting the Family thru Still in the Family, in Aunt Family
Rumors about the Family, a story start for the Aunt Family
The Cat’s Paw, a continuation of Cats & Grannies thru Family Secrets & Cat Secrets
Warm Visions & Warm Family

Moving On To Number Eight a storybit of Addergoole Yr 22

The Annual Sacrifice, a story of Dragons Next Door (or at least a teaser)
When the Time Comes Around (Turn, Turn, Turn), a story of the Stranded World

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December Meme – Day Thirteen (shh)

The Meme

Today’s prompt is from [personal profile] lilfluff: Your favorite games


I like games, although I am not the board game fanatic that some of my friends are. I grew up playing gin rummy with my dad, Uno with my grandmother, Yahtzee with family & Monopoly whenever I could get people to play with me. My first fiance and I played Pente a lot, and he made a stab at teaching me chess, but i have little patience for strategy.

And, of course, I’m a gamer, so there’s things like World of Darkness – Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, etc., in primarily Live-action but also tabletop forms. I’m facinated by EarthDawn/ShadowRun but have never played them. And, while we’re talking about roleplaying, I enjoy playing in my own settings most of all.

Computer games: I try not to get too involved, or I lose months. I liked Flight Rising until they were mean to Djinni, at which point I lost interest completely. I was utterly into Glitch until they folded, much sadface all around. And currently I’m into FarmVille, much to my enjoyment and consternation.

Games! I like playing Scrabble with my husband, although he almost always wins. And we’ve been playing Carcasonne lately, and I really enjoy that a lot.

I suppose “my favorite” game is the one I’m into at the moment, whatever moment that might happen to be.

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