Lexember Day 6: plurals, also, treaties

clare_dragonfly asked for “…writing stuff. And legal stuff,” specifically regarding Edally: The Missing Treaty.

I already have words for writing: zhiezhet, book, turnie, and words for history that I need to reconsider.

Telyen “story”, and telnyet is “truth-known.”

Pause for plurals, because I really need to figure those out, or, as we say in the conlang business, make some shit up.

We’re going to make the goat plural: pazit, and the dyohd, an obnoxious rodent.

One goat: Pazit

Two goats: Pazitte

A herd of goats: Pazitbe

An unknown plural of goats: Pazitne

One rodent: Dyohd

Two rodents: Dyohdtye

A family/nest of rodents: Dyohdbye

An unknown plural of rodents: Dyohdnye

There! Now we can make stories plural, telyenne!

The Calenyena word for a treaty is Gaaneg, from gaaven (obsolete), bound, and geg, rope.

The Bitrani word for treaty is Meniano, from meni, to think over, to consider.

Incidentally, Coffee is a loan-word to both languages, coming from the prot-Arran fega. The Bitrani call it Vegia; the Calenyena call it

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