#Lexember day 8: Ancestors

ankewehner asked for family relations. So far, I have ancestors!

The Calenyena enjoy their sometimes-complicated family relationships, and most Calenyena can list the most important deeds of at least three generations of ancestors.

Starting with parents:

ketbaa, mother
dobaa, father

See here for images of words.

And grandparents:

ketbaake, maternal grandmother
ketbaado, paternal grandmother
dobaake, maternal grandfather
dobaado, maternal grandfather

This can go on!

ketbaakeke, ketbaakedo, mother’s mother’s mother; mother’s father’s mother.

-baa, parent; -baake, of the mother’s line, -baado, of the father’s line

kezzatbaake, zezzatbaado, a female ancestor of the mother’s or father’s line; dozhabaake, dozhabaado, male ancestors of mother’s and father’s lines.

Informally, baake, baake and baado, baado, “some ancestor way back in the line.” If you don’t know which side of the family the ancestor is on (which is unlikely), you end up saying baa, baa And sounding about as silly as that looks.

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