Sayings to translate into Calenyena, mostly a note to myself

From a previous draft of Rin & Girey:

A border is written in blood on the heart and on the mind. -Old Cālenyen saying

If you allow the rain to slow your passage, you will never leave your tent. -Old Cālenyen saying

After a war-season, we look for friends in the faces of strangers, and for enemies in the faces of our friends.

When uncertain or angry, close your mouth. Keep it closed until you are certain, and calm. – From the book of Reiassannon
When uncertain or angry, stab forth. Ride the fire of anger until you are certain, and calm. – From the book of Veignevar
When angry, study the anger, then find where it leads. When uncertain, find the core of the uncertainty, and study it until it vanishes. – From the book of Tienebrah

Do not question why the goat you are given as a gift only has three legs. – Old Cālenyen saying

Sleep is a gift, but, like all gifts, it has its flaws and its price – ancient Calenyen saying

From Edally:

If the fingers are working, the mind is free to breathe

If You Call It a Fish, People Will Expect It to Swim

Some Fish Swim Best in the Air

When making war, first make tea

Hit First, Reassess, Hit Again

A Bond Reforged is Thrice as Strong

Sometimes the weasel just gets away

You can offer the goat the river, but a stupid beast will still chose the puddle

When the World is Shaking, Do Not Stop to Rebalance Your Saddle-Bags

The Brightest Fire Does Not Always Burn Hottest

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