Lexember Day 16: the Thorn Alder

Today’s word is thorn alder, because I can!

In further proving that my Reiassani persona is a Bitrani transplant to Calenta (tall, light-skinned, short hair, prefers less bright color combinations), the alders, including the thorn alders, exist on Reiassan almost entirely in the borderlands between South and North.

Starting with the taxonomic classification: Although I haven’t determined what the Reiassani version of Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order-Family-Genus-Species is, but I know that they use {Arran/West-Coast} for such things.

The Alder belongs to the family of spear-leaf trees, adavijamin, where adavi is “spear-blade” and “jamin” is “leaf”. In that family, they belong to the mainer sub-family, “mainer” meaning “grove” or “family group, tribe.”

The Alders themselves keep the name of a goddess otherwise forgotten in the God Purge: the goddess is Talaezia; alders are Taazaa in the everyday speech.

The thorn alder grows shorter and bushier than many alder trees, and a thorn-alder grove is not a fun place to spend a lot of time. Their thorns are long, sharp, and while not poisonous, their pricks can get infected very quickly and easily.

And a thorn in Calenyen is linie, from the Bitrani linnia, making my Calenyena name Lin Taazaalinie.

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