Lexember Yesterday (15), Books on the Shelf

[personal profile] inventrix asked for books, which got handled a while back:

turnie, noun, book
turniete, 2 books
turniebe, a shelf of books
turnine, some books

So I figured I’d handle shelf and library!

Library, first, is a book-place, Turnietan. This originally referred to any depository of books. Now, a bookseller is a Liezturnie, Seller, of book and a library is a Turnietapon, a book place, scholarly.

And in the library there are shelves!

A shelf is a birtun, from a word which originally meant ledge; a bookshelf is a birtunturnie.

A collective plural of shelves is usually considered a bookcase, unit of shelves. If you collectivize that, birtunbebe, you end up with a slang word for a large gathering of shelves, a storeroom.

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4 thoughts on “Lexember Yesterday (15), Books on the Shelf

  1. <gives you a *look* for pluralizing a plural> So, got any third-level plurals hanging around? Collective book storeroom, get the world wide web?

    • Why not? It’s an agglutinating language! Beside, we say ‘herds of cows’ or ‘flocks of geese’. Why NOT? ..That’s awesome, by the way. birtunbebebe, Global storeroom, world wide web.

      • If n-level plurals are legit, I suspect a lot of them are claimed long before the world wide web is invented. That could be an inter-library loan system, or a cataloging methodology, or …

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