Lexember Day 19: “I made a sentence”

[personal profile] thnidu responded to yesterday’s post by asking me to create the sentence “I made a sentence”. So!

laar, I

taar, you, subject

taarte, you two, and so on.

baar, he/she (person pronoun)

baarrte, those two, and so on.

archaic: baan, baante and so on (she, a group of only women).

gaan, it (animal/thing pronoun)

laanaan, me

taannan, you-object (taannante, you two and so on)

baarnan, her/him

gaanran, it-object.

Okay, phew, there’s pronouns, so.

I made a sentence

Make, to create, to craft: Tair (this word, from an old word meaning “skill,” which can also be seen in -tairook, “with care” or “with practiced care. Throwing something together or making something that isn’t perceived as needing skill is died, from diedie, toss, this from the same root as dudiedah, tumble, from the loss post.)


we start with

iekiek, this exists (See also iekiekyent, a known fact.)

tel-, that which voices

teliekiek, that which give voice to an existing thing


Need a break for some tea…

(This is the part where I need a punctuation to suggest the beginning of a sentence in my con-script, since I don’t have capitals.)

Laar telkiek ezhtairak: I sentence (past tense)-make-(subject agreement)

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