Summary of December

Your Response Requested
A Meme – pick a ‘ship
Pirate Nano – what will you write in January?
OrigFic Bingo Card
Three-Sentence Fic-a-Thon – leave a prompt, answer a prompt, tasty prompts, prompt prompt
Be a Part of My World – the auction is closed; if you bid, you won. Please contact me for further details.

OrigFic Bingo
December’s Card – Feel free to prompt any square, even if filled.
Column “O”
Column “G”

Written for mine own reasons
Unicorn/Factory – The Unicorn Bride Rebellion, Part I
Jasfe Unutu – post-Addergoole, Post-Apoc (new characters)
Linden-Flower Tea – Addergoole, staff
Octi/OTPi… a sillyfic

December Drabbles
Zzzzap, Rory, Year 6
So You Knew, Ceinwen, post-Yr9
About That, Agmund Fridmar, Yr~16
A Staff Meeting. Year 6
summary of earlier drabbles

Signal Boost
Shadow Unit – you should be reading this story

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