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Omens and Ill, a story for the Bonus Round

To [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt for here, my [community profile] dailyprompt prompt “getting your feet wet.” Also fills “Holy Place” on my January Bingo Card.

New setting? Might be in the same world as the oracle whose god got irritated. (here)

This REALLY feels like a draft of a novel beginning to me.

There were a few blind nay-sayers who took it as an ill omen when the temple of Orestin flooded.

Since most of the rest of the city and the surrounding land were also flooded, the majority of citizens were far less concerned. Their temple held a decent piece of land on a well-known street; the place was well-lit of the night time (when the city was less flooded) and well-trafficked during the day. But it was not on the city’s one hilltop

A few scholars and that sort suggested that it could be a sign that the temples themselves were places of worship, not the homes of the gods. Thus had been suggested since time immemorial, but there was still no agreement on the matter.

The acolytes of Orestin had no time for that debate. They were wading through ankle-deep water to prepare for the morning devotions; they were cleaning out unused space (from a time of greater prosperity; the acolytes of Orestin saved everything, including real estate) for those whose homes were unlivable, they were baking flatbread and pressing cheese, running the ovens full of whatever they could roast just to combat the damp.

An Acolyte of the Mulberry Ring, Tremmin, was currently knee-deep in water at the base of the temple stairs, herding the faithful (or those willing to pretend, at the moment, for a dry place to perch) up the stairs and through one of the three entrances. A citizen caught her eye and smirked, looking as exhausted as she felt. “You’d think it was a Quarterly Festival, wouldn’t you? You’ve even got the back door open.”

She wanted to say something clever, but Tremmin had been awake for, to her count, three days and four bells, although it could have been four days and three bells. The speaker rescued her with a tired smirk and an irreverent thump of the marble. “Orestin, I suspect, does not mind. Nor his is holy place less holy for the work you are doing today. Blessings, Acolyte, and may you find the place you are most proper in.”

“Blessings, Citizen.” The words came out of her mouth without bidding. “May your proper place be waiting for you.”

“I have already found it.” He breezed past, leaving Tremmin, still knee-deep in water, with the uncomfortable feeling that she’d just missed something very important.

She had no time for ill omens, however, so she turned to the next citizen. “Welcome, and may Orestin comfort you in this time of trial.”

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Mid-January Summary and a Challenge

(In which I post a lot)
The Last Summary

Reiassan (Steam)
End of an Era, for Bonus Round, a story of steam changing things.

New/No Setting:
Sleep When You’ve Lost, fantasy/medievalesque – friendlocked as I may polish for submission, for January OrigFic Bingo
Unforgivable, modern setting, for the January OrigFic Bingo
Time of Testing – Is she a witch? For the January OrigFic Bingo

Aunt Family
Securing One’s Own Legacy, Aunt Zenobia as a child
Then and Now, Radar and his kitten

Space Accountant
Taking Chances Genique takes one

Home Turf Luke and Doug, Year 19, for Bonus Round
Bribery (unknown years and characters), December Card
Unwelcome Guests (Baram’s House Elves)

A Favorite Place Summer and Autumn

Dragons Next Door
Team D Do they know what they’re getting into?
Victimization (after Team D) – They didn’t know what they were getting into
Hands-on-Knowledge, Jin and Audrey speak about Bianna

Romance was Never This Convenient to Handle
Alibi! What if the defendant was both here and there?

Story Sale:
Holy Places, for the January Bingo Card – Sci/fi/future/space

Cards and Prompts – your response requested
Trope Bingo Card
OrigFic Bingo Card January
* First Column Fill
December’s Card – Feel free to prompt any square, even if filled.
* Column “O”
* Column “G”
Daily Prompt “Bonus Round”
Daily Prompt “Bonus Round”
This One’s Just Sitting Here Doot doot

Signal Boost
Allbingo Community opening
Itsamellama’s Icon Day – who do I want an icon of?
Reading Bingo!
Stories Written to my prompts
Lilfluff’s Bingo
Cool Stories written by other people

Woodburning Stoves
Preliminary Project List

And a challenge: pick something from the list of prompts and prompt to a neglected setting. I’ll make the first four of such prompts my priority in bingos etc. next week.

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Friday Show-And-Tell

Shamelessly copied from [personal profile] jjhunter:

Friday, every Friday, I invite you (yes, you!) to share with me key Dreamwidth (or LJ, or Tumblr, or anything else) posts from the last week. They can be one or more of your own posts, posts of others you’d recommend, interesting discussions, linkspams, tiny delights, whatever stands out to you from the last seven days that you’d like to highlight. Assume that I’ve been away and pining too true and catch me up on what matters to you.

In return, I will make a point of commenting on at least one post of those you share, and I encourage others to do the same.

Newcomers, lurkers and long-time commentators equally welcome

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