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Holy Places: Bingo Card Fill

Story: In the Holy
Prompt: Holy Place
Setting: Misc/Space (here)
524 Words:

From the notebook of Serja, called The Exile Church.

I was sent away for saying things that were not supposed to be true.

Those things I said, not because I wished to be sent away (I did not! I had a good life, as such things go, and good friends, as much as they could be, and a pleasant place to reside), not because I wished to make trouble (I also did not! People who make trouble were sent away, or worse), but because the truths sang from my mouth like the resonation of the universe, and it hurt to hear them called lies…

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Bingo! Column One

This is a fill for my January 2nd card:

B1: A Favorite Place
Prompt: A Favorite Place
Verse: Stranded Universe
Summer knows her sister Autumn has a favorite place.

B2: Team D
Prompt: A Cunning Plan
Verse: Dragons Next Door
Whose brilliant idea was it to kidnap her?

B3: Time of Testing
Prompt: Test/Exam
Verse: n/a
“This is how we’ve tested since the dawn of time.”

B4: Unwelcome Guests
Prompt: Unwelcome Guest
Verse: Addergoole/Baram’s House Elves
In the middle of an apoc, most guests are unwelcome

B5: Victimization
Prompt: Victim
Verse: Dragons Next Door
Follows after Cunning Plan, above.

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I have posted a Bingo. And my card is still open!

The donation ticker is just $5 from a second row! (or $25 from two more rows… 😉

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Bonus Round: Daily Prompt

[community profile] dailyprompt:

Today’s prompt is “getting your feet wet”.

Now accepting up to three prompts for this theme. Closed!

Bonus points if they dovetail with a square of my OrigFic bingo card

Take the first Step, or don’t.
Even your Knees are wet
Getting everything wet

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Securing One’s Own Legacy, a story of the Aunt Family/Zenobia for the Bonus Round

To [personal profile] kelkyag‘s prompt for here, my [community profile] dailyprompt prompt “doomed from the start.”

Zenobia is the post-American-Civil-War Aunt in the Aunt Family; her tag is here and the family landing page is here.

The Aunt is a hereditary title with some magical power in this family, and is always a woman who has nieces.

The Icon (in DW) is of another Aunt, Ruan. I don’t have one for Zenobia yet.

Her older relatives did not like Zenobia.

Her relatives did not like Zenobia, with very few exceptions. She was, to quote one particularly annoyed relative – her grandmother, Festia – a most recalcitrant and difficult child.

She was not supposed to become the Aunt. Her own Aunt Beulah had tagged her as one of five hopefuls, back when they were young (Zenobia had been twelve; the others had been between ten and fifteen), but her grandmother and the others of that generation had opinions on the matters. It would be Giselle. It would be Bernadette. It would be Mary, even, or Claudette, but it would not be Zenobia.

Bernadette had been the easiest to eliminate, because Bernadette did not want to be the Aunt. She wanted out of the little backwater town, out of the influence of the women of the family, out of the planned everything.

Zenobia sent her postcards three times a year, and got back lovely pictures of Paris.

Mary had been trickier. Mary liked the taste of power, she liked the whispers of knowledge, she liked the reputation that one got.

She was also an immensely good dancer, sinful as it was supposed to be. Zenobia talked to a boy who knew a boy who knew a man, and Mary had become The Flying Marionette, the headlining act in a famous circus, with a reputation for being a bit of a witch.

The farmer’s son from down the road had gotten Giselle pregnant when she was eighteen. A shotgun marriage and a family-quick house-raising had taken her out of the running.

And now the Grannies and aunts and cousins were starting to look askance at Zenobia, and Aunt Beulah was not ready to pass over the mantle to anyone.

It was likely Claudette would take herself out of the running in the next three or four years, but in the meantime, Zenobia had to shift their attention from her. She would be Aunt, but the family didn’t know yet that their attempts had been doomed from the start.

“Do you, Zenobia, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, in poverty and wealth, so long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

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